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Collaborazioni Digitali SRL is a Startup company for digital transformation and data management for small to medium-sized companies.
We deal with IT support, web development and data protection compliance.

web development

We develop web platforms and ad hoc modules to digitize processes or carry out your projects.


In order to automate single processes of your activity, we develop ad hoc modules accessibile via web.


We launch projects to develop modular web platform to digitize your company.


We design and build your website, which can be integrated with our custom modules.

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an all-around partner

For each project we take care of the planning, the development, the deployment and the legal compliance required for our products.
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support and consulting

We offer a service of remote IT support and consulting for self-employed persons and companies.
IT support
We offer an IT support for software and hardware issues.
We offer an all-around consultancy service for digitalization and data protection.

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We offer a Light subscription to access our remotely IT support service, and a Consultancy subscription for an unlimited support and advisory.
IVA esclusa, al mese
Up to 150 minutes of IT support / monthly
IVA esclusa, al mese
Unlimited digital consultancy

data protection and legal compliance

Records of Processing
We draft your Records of Processing Activities document in accordance with GDPR.
Legal Compliance
We take care of the policies that you have to maintain in matter of Privacy.
Documents and policies
We draft and update legal policies and documents specific to your business activities.
Data proctection consultancy
We offer a consulting service in matter of data protection standards.
we digitize your business
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